Within the last month, the United States has been devastated by some of the strongest hurricanes to have ever hit U.S. soil. Beginning in Texas, Hurricane Harvey—which was recorded as the wettest tropical hurricane on record in the contiguous United States—brought over 40 inches of rain to parts of the state. On the East Coast, […]

As the U.S. economic landscape continues to change, Americans have been finding new ways to earn money. Perhaps more often than ever, we’re seeing many people walking away from the once-coveted 9 to 5 job and instead moving into the self-employment arena. As is to be expected with any life-changing decision, making the shift to […]

When setting up a new LLC or partnership, a common question is how to fund the new entity. Should it be funded with a personal loan, or should you invest money into the entity in the form of equity? This might seem like a simple question to answer, but going the wrong route can cost […]

You have an idea, and you’re ready to turn that idea into a source of income by starting a business. Now what? One of the first steps when setting up a business is choosing the type of business entity, which is an important decision from both a tax and a legal perspective. When choosing the […]