Life Events & Tax Planning – Part I:  Getting Married
Tax implications are often the last thing we think of when we hit a major (or minor) life milestone. Whether you’re getting married, having a baby, changing jobs or moving, each situation brings with it a number of tax consequences that impact the way you will file your taxes. This
How To:  Setting Up a Business – Part II – Entity Selection
Whether you’re dealing with a start-up or an existing business, the choice of entity type is an important consideration. It determines the liability exposure of the company’s owners and the taxability of the company under federal and state laws, as well as the ability to raise funds and the continuity
How To: Setting Up a New Business
You have an idea, and you’re ready to turn that idea into a source of income by starting a business. Now what? One of the first steps when setting up a business is choosing the type of business entity, which is an important decision from both a tax and a