Young Family Business Owners Can Be the Most Determined to Sustain and Grow Your Business
According to research by Family Enterprise Foundation, younger generation owners are the most committed to preserving the family business. A survey found that “97 percent of next-generation respondents consider it important to sustain the family business, while only 74 percent of senior-generation respondents feel the same.” The importance placed on
What Trends Should Small Businesses Be Watching in 2022?
This article discusses a variety of trends that small businesses should either be focusing on or not as we continue along in 2022. For example, this link lists shipping status, waiting for the new normal, and the meta-verse as overrated trends that your small business should not be too worried
Does Your Estate Plan Need Updating to Include Digital Assets?
This article explains the importance of keeping your estate plan up to date, especially since people are living longer and need more options in their documented life. Three sections in your estate plan that should be examined several times include digital assets, guardianship designations, and appropriate names in the documents.
Strategies for Preventing Fraud
This article discusses how fraud is one of the most concerning topics for start-ups and small businesses alike due to the highly digitalized world that we live in today. It is so prevalent that “organizations report losing 5 percent of their annual revenue to fraud.” For a small business, that
Building a Business Case for Remote Work
This article explains the challenges that businesses face when dealing with remote workers. Mobility managers may face numerous tasks, including understanding complex and evolving rules for tax, immigration, and other legal purposes. Mobility managers also will need to communicate risks and information requirements to business units and their mobile employees.
Small Business Trends to Watch
This article discusses how 2022 is a viable year for most small businesses as they continue to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic. A recent report shows that attracting new customers is the top challenge for most small businesses. However, utilizing trends such as shifting customer expectations, focusing on happy employees,
Digital Innovations to Watch in 2022
This article discusses how the coronavirus pandemic accelerated many trends that we see today in the workplace. Specifically for start-ups, it is important to take advantage of these trends to stay competitive. For example, trends such as embracing the fact that hybrid and remote work are here to stay, demand
Protecting Your Business from Cyberattacks and Fraud in 2022
This article discusses how most companies today rely heavily on the Internet and other technology to operate. Although these tools are vital and can be useful, they also pose the threat of cybercrime. However, by utilizing strategies such as encrypting your data, investing in artificial intelligence, and utilizing your forensic
Determining If Your Vacation Rentals Are Really Commercial Real Estate
This article discusses the ins and outs of a tax strategy known as a cost segregation study, and in particular, for those that own a vacation rental real estate. When the property is leased out for less than 30 days at a time, it could be recognized as non-residential real
Ways to Keep Adult Children from Becoming a Financial Liability
This article explains several scenarios where your child may be asking you for financial help. First, they may have taken many loans and want your help with EMIs. The author suggests turning the child to a financial advisor to keep your finances intact. Secondly, the child may want a loan