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IRS Telephone Scam

Please be Aware of IRS Telephone Scams

In addition to recent reports in the news, we have received a few calls from our own clients regarding suspicious telephone calls from an individual claiming to be an IRS agent.  THESE CALLS ARE SCAMS.

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Business Identity Theft

Business identity theft, tax consequences and best practices

Facilitated by the speed, ubiquity, and anonymity of the Internet, criminals are able to easily steal valuable information such as Social Security numbers and use it for a variety of nefarious purposes, including filing false tax returns to generate refunds from the IRS. The victims are often unable to detect the crime until it is too late, generally after the IRS receives the legitimate tax return from the actual taxpayer.

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2013 filing season moves ahead, late-legislation delays expected to end soon

The IRS expects to process more than 140 million individual returns this filing season and for many taxpayers the process has been moving along without any significant problems. A large number of taxpayers, however, have experienced delays in filing their returns because of late tax legislation. The IRS has predicted that all remaining delays should end by early March.

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