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A Look Back at the Worldwide Alliott Conference: London

2016-alliott-london-conference-for-website-postIn late October, Alliott Group, our international alliance of professional service accounting and law firms, hosted its annual Worldwide Conference in London. With attendance from 150 Alliott member professionals, the London Conference emphasized global business and the changing environment of international trade, with discussions and presentations on improving client service within and throughout different global markets.

Advisers at this year’s conference included members from the Bank of England, the Confederation of British Industry, and the Department for International Trade, among others. Probably one of the most heavily discussed “hot topics” this year was Brexit and its implications for the UK, European, and global economies, though conference round tables and presentations also focused on some of the broader aspects of international business and what direction we’ll head in the future as it relates to professional service efforts.

“What struck me about this year’s conference was that, with regards to the business and tax world, many of the North American members voiced concern about Brexit, while the worldwide members showed concern about this year’s U.S. election. It just goes to show you how small of a world it really is,” said Bruce Militzok, Partner at FF&F.

Conference members were able to share experience and knowledge related to servicing clients in the changing dynamics of our global business environment as well as network and further enrich international relationships. The conclusion of the London Conference solidified the assurance that despite the uncertainty caused by Brexit and other changes in the global market, the UK will continue to yield business and international business will continue to thrive.

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