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5 Ways Workflow Programs Can Improve Your Productivity


No matter the size of a company or in what industry it operates, workflow software and programs have become an essential component in boosting productivity and organization in the workplace. When it comes to client service industries, it’s especially crucial to have a system in place to ensure that client deliverables are provided timely and deadlines are met—both internally and externally. In turn, improvements in these areas lead to increased productivity and better use of time.

Focusing on the needs specific to client service firms, here’s our list of the top 5 areas through which workflow programs and management tools can help you achieve success.

  1. Organization
    Hands down, implementing an internal workflow program improves and increases organization—both individually and firm-wide. With calendars, tracking methods, and scheduling tools, even the most basic workflow management software provides you with all the components necessary to get—and stay—organized.

    While individual staff are able to view their own calendars and assignments, managers and administrators are able to view and manage others’ calendars as needed to assign work and ensure that assignments are evenly distributed. This enhances internal organization on the individual and firm levels.

    The central factor to look for here is visibility. You’ll want to make sure you’re using a program or system that provides firm-wide visibility—that is, everyone can see everyone’s calendars and tasks. This ensures that tasks move clearly and timely from one stage to the next, and anyone can track the project cycle at any point. Furthermore, productivity increases as an indirect result of individuals knowing their tasks and assignments are being tracked, while administrators and managers are better able to determine who has availability for new and ongoing projects.

  1. Client Deliverables
    While it may seem like an obvious one, client deliverables is perhaps one of the most significant areas that sees increased success through the implementation of a task workflow program. The tracking and scheduling capabilities provided by workflow management software allow you to check the status of any task at any point in the completion cycle, thus enabling constant project updates and projections.

    In turn, you are better able to check the exact status of an item and its stages in order to provide clients with more accurate information with regards to where their deliverables stand and what, if anything, is delaying a given process.

  1. Fewer Errors
    With less frequent confusion and clearer guidelines, the human element is minimized to a greater extent. The increased visibility and organization that we get through using a project management program aid us in conducting more frequent “check-ups” and updates. This then allows us to catch potential issues early on and rectify them before they become problematic.
  1. Increased Receivables
    Implementing workflow management software in your firm can directly increase your receivables. Increased staff productivity means that staff begin to work smarter, enabling the program to cut down excess time where applicable.

    This leads to better use of billable time, deliverables arriving to clients earlier, and an overall speeding up of the project completion-to-billing cycle. As an added bonus, more productive staff hours cuts down on labor costs and increases profitability all around.

  1. Staff Relations
    Internal staff relations also benefit from the use of universal workflow systems. They provide a code of standards that are used and enforced the same way for everyone across the board, which leaves less room for confusion and boosts productivity.

    The streamlined process provided by the given project management system also enables management to address specific breaks and errors within the project cycle, leading to clearer communication and fewer ambiguities with regards to constructive feedback. Overall, workflow management software can act as a moderator that neutralizes the conversations between staff members by providing a concrete set of rules for everyone to adhere to.

The benefits of choosing and implementing a strategic workflow program within your client service firm greatly outweigh the cost and time that go into introducing a new system into your workplace. Your productivity and organization will increase substantially when it comes to internal processes, while directly influencing external deadlines and standards of success. Your staff will work smarter, put in more efficient hours, and your clients will receive their services timely with the utmost attention to detail.

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