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Alliott Group is ranked 13th by leading professional publication Accountancy Age

The Group has risen two places since last year which is due to a 20% rise in the total revenue of its 160+ member firms. Alliott Group’s members saw the second highest percentage rise in revenue of all networks and associations/alliances.

Alliott Group CEO James Hickey attributes the Group’s success to forward thinking members who actively refer work to one another ‘Alliott Group is formed of quality members who have clients needing international advice and support. This in turn helps them with client retention and generates income for other members. Membership becomes a self-perpetuating cycle and the Group benefits.’

James added, ‘Professional practices cannot rely on national business alone, or they will be left behind. Clients are dealing internationally from trading and using suppliers, through to entering overseas markets. Alliott Group members are ready to provide the support that they need, and this is reflected in the income growth of the Group as a whole.’

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