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My FFF Experience: From Intern to Full-Time Accountant

Angela My FFF Experience Photo Credit: Eric Swerdlow

Angela Wong

FFF Tax Accountant

Stony Brook University, Class of 2013

Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Specializing in CPA Prep


From Intern to Full-Time Accountant

FFF prides itself on creating an environment that promotes a rewarding career in Accounting. Recently, we asked some of our staff to share how FFF has contributed to their own growth and development. Angela started with us as an intern at the beginning of 2014 and was hired as a full-time accountant after her first tax season, 3-months later. Her story is below:

What was going through your mind during those days leading up to your first official start date?

I started at Farkouh, Furman and Faccio a little over a year ago as an intern. It was my first “real” office job out of undergrad and I had no idea what to expect. Many questions were racing through my head when I first accepted the offer, such as what will I be doing on a day-to-day basis?  What if I don’t know how to do the work I am given? How will I remember everyone’s name?  Luckily, my worries were quickly relieved and it wasn’t long until I felt at home at FFF.

What type of work were you exposed to during your Internship at FFF?

FFF is the perfect place for recent grads that are new to the work environment or just starting out in the accounting field. Almost instantly, I learned how dedicated FFF is to helping staff improve and acquire new skills. There are many directions an accounting degree can take you and as a recent grad, I was unsure which branch of accounting I wanted to pursue.  I love that FFF gave me a chance to get a taste of everything during my internship.

My first few weeks consisted of various training, ranging from accounting and taxation basics to firm procedures and software. There was no time wasted between training and starting actual accounting work and within the first few weeks, I was given a tax return to prepare! FFF exposed me to individual, trust, partnership, and corporate tax returns during my first few months. I wasn’t mindlessly inputting numbers into the computer.  I was responsible for creating a complete return that, to the best of my ability, represented the most perfect return. I was even able to dip my toes into some audit work, as well. The challenge allowed me to learn so much more than any class I had taken during college.

Looking back, I feel lucky to have started my career at FFF. My experience has been everything I could’ve imagined and more. After a year at FFF, I’m happy to have found that I enjoy corporate tax accounting and in the future, hope to specialize in this branch.

How did it feel to be hired full-time shortly after your internship started?

Three months after I started my internship, my hard work paid off and FFF offered me a full-time position. Shortly thereafter, I was assigned to work on the firm’s largest client and felt honored to be entrusted with such a responsibility. The project was an opportunity for me to “shine”, allowing me to learn various aspects of taxation and accounting, such as creating financial statements for income tax provisions, calculating foreign tax credits, and filing various state taxes. As I continue to take on more difficult tasks, I’m given more opportunities to learn and advance. Today, I still find my job to be more challenging and rewarding than ever.

What is the highlight of your experience at FFF?

Although the technical experience I have gained is immeasurable, the best part about working at FFF is the people. My FFF experience truly represents our motto “Big firm expertise.  Small firm values”. You will never feel like a forgotten fish lost in the sea. There’s an open door policy and you’ll find help offered by all levels of staff. Here, interns and junior staff are treated as an equal part of the team. Whether it’s a fellow staff member, a manager, or even a partner, I always feel comfortable asking for help or career guidance. FFF has become my second family.

Angela W. Quote Photo Credit: Eric Swerdlow


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