Hedge Funds/Private Equity Funds

Remaining compliant with complex partnership and securities tax issues, financial reporting requirements and partnership agreements presents a challenge for managers of hedge funds. Farkouh Furman & Faccio stays on the cutting edge of relevant policies, practices and procedures of regulation and compliance rules to advance your business goals.

Our suite of Hedge Fund services include:

  • Management fee and incentive allocation structure
  • Partnership agreements for the fund
  • Tax planning and consulting for the fund/management companies/general partner
  • Partner allocations, including allocation of realized and unrealized gain/losses
  • Federal & multi-state tax compliance & planning
  • Attestation services: audits, reviews & compilations
  • International taxation
  • Business advisory
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Organizational structures
  • Information systems consulting
  • Equity-based compensation
  • Compensation & benefit plan consulting
  • Succession planning
  • Litigation support & forensic accounting
  • Accounting services/bookkeeping